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The Sufficiency of the Scriptures

The significant thing is that one  from the biblical names of Christ is  Wonderful  Counselor (Isaiah 9: 6). Christ is the Supreme and Ultimate to whom we can turn for advice, and His Word is the well from which we can draw God's wisdom. What could be greater than that ?!  The truth is, one of the greatest aspects of Christ's perfect sufficiency is miraculous  advice and great wisdom with which it provides us with  times full  despair, confusion, fear, anxiety and sadness. He is the personification of the most perfect  Advisors.


This fact does not detract from the importance of Christians advising one another. The need for a biblical, solid counseling service in the church is incontrovertible, and it is met by those who are spiritually gifted to offer encouragement, understanding, relief, counseling, compassion, and help to others. Undoubtedly, one of the problems that has led to the plague of wrong counseling today is that churches have failed to  educate people with such gifts so that they can  serve efficiently. Besides, the complexity of contemporaries  times  makes it difficult to listen carefully to another person and  a personal, compassionate commitment as well  creating a close community necessary for an ecclesial community  she could  be alive  and healthy.


Churches have turned to psychology to fill this space, but it won't work. Professional psychologists  they cannot replace spiritually gifted people, and the help offered by psychology cannot replace biblical wisdom and God's power. Moreover, psychology tends to make people dependent on the therapist, while those who use truly spiritual gifts always direct people to the totally sufficient Savior and His totally sufficient Word.


A Psalm of Sufficiency  Holy scriptures
Psalm 19: 8-10  it is the most monumental and concise statement on the sufficiency of Scripture ever formulated. These three verses are written  by David, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, they bring God's steadfast testimony of the sufficiency of His Word for every situation, thus belittling the teaching of those who believe that God's Word must be supplemented with truth drawn from modern psychology. In this passage, David makes six sentences, each emphasizing one quality of Scripture and describing its effect on the life of the one who assimilates it.  These sentences together  create a beautiful picture of the sufficiency of Scripture.
The Scriptures are perfect, they regenerate the soul
In the first sentence (verse  8), David says: "The law of the Lord is perfect, it refreshes [regenerates] the soul." The word "perfect" translates the Hebrew word meaning "whole", "complete" or "sufficient." It has the idea of something comprehensive, covering all aspects. Scripture is exhaustive,  including  everything that is needed and necessary for the spiritual life. Here, David contrasts with the imperfect and  people's inadequate and defective thinking.
God's perfect law [the law], says David, touches people through the regeneration of their souls (v. 8). To paraphrase David's words, the Scriptures are so powerful and versatile that they can transform an entire person by changing them.  exactly who God wants him to be. The Word of God is sufficient to regenerate even the most broken life through salvation - as witnessed by the life of David himself.
David then develops the idea of the sufficiency of the Scriptures by writing: "The testimony of the Lord is faithful, teaches the simpleton wisdom." David's use of the word "faithful" or "sure" means that the Lord's testimony is changeless, steadfast, steadfast, and trustworthy. It is the foundation upon which to build life and an eternal destiny.
God's faithful Word makes the simple person wise (v. 8). The Hebrew word translated "simpleton" comes from an expression meaning "open door". It presents the image of a naive man who is unable to close his mind to false and impure teaching. He cannot distinguish truth from falsehood, he is characterized by ignorance and credulity, however  God's Word makes him wise. Such a person is educated in the art of living godly: he obeys the Scriptures and knows how to adapt them to his circumstances. So the Word of God takes such a simple mind without knowledge or discernment and makes it rational in matters of life.
The Holy Scriptures are right, they cause joy
In verse 9. David adds a third sentence about the sufficiency of Scripture: "The Lord's commands are right, they gladden the heart." Instead of just pointing out what is right as opposed to what is wrong, the word "right" contains the idea of showing someone the right way. The truths of Scripture mark the right path in the difficult maze of life. It brings great confidence. So many people are stressed or depressed because they have no sense of direction and purpose in life being  most of them look for answers in the wrong sources. The Word of God not only sheds light on our path (Psalm 119: 105), but also marks the path ahead of us.
Because the Word of God  it guides us along the right path of life, it also brings great joy. If one is depressed, overwhelmed with anxiety, fear or doubt, it is a way out of it  will not be in  better  feeling  values and self-fulfillment. The solution to the problem lies in learning how to obey God's Word and in being joyful in it. God's truth is the fountain of true and lasting joy. All other sources are shallow and unstable.                     
The Scriptures are clear, they enlighten the eyes
Psalm 19: 9  brings the fourth quality of the absolute sufficiency of Sacred Scripture: "The commandment of the Lord is clear, it enlightens the eyes." Word  "clear" can also be translated as "clean" and indicates that the Scriptures are not complicated or  mysterious and confusing. God's Word reveals truth to make dark things clear and to bring eternity to clear visibility. There are, of course, things in the Bible that are difficult to understand (2 Pet. 3:16), but as a whole it is not a book that you cannot understand. The Bible is clear and clear.
Because of this clarity, Scripture brings understanding where there is ignorance, order where there is chaos and light where there is spiritual and moral darkness. It stands in stark contrast to the vague considerations of unregenerate people who are themselves blind and incapable of knowing the truth and living righteously. God's Word clearly reveals blessed and helpful truths that they may never see.
The Holy Bible is clean, it lasts forever
  In Psalm 19:10  David uses the word "fear" as a synonym for the Word of God: "The fear of the Lord is pure, it will stand forever." This "fear" expresses pious respect for God,  who drives believers to worship Him. In this sense, the Scriptures are God's handbook for worship. The Hebrew word "clean" expresses the absence of impurity and imperfection. Scripture is without sin, evil, and contamination  error. So the truth he presents is absolutely perfect  and spotless.
Holy Bible,  because it is spotless it will stand  forever (v. 10). Any change or modification to it can only introduce an imperfection. The Scriptures are eternally and consistently perfect. It needs neither updating nor editing nor refinement. The Bible was written by the all-knowing Holy Spirit, who is infinitely brighter than all the greatest philosophers, analysts, and psychologists who pass without a permanent trace. The Scriptures have always been and will always be sufficient.
The Scriptures are true and completely just
Verse 10 brings the final quality and effect of God's totally sufficient Word: "The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous at the same time." The word "judgments" in this context refers to commands and  the divine verdicts of the Supreme Judge on earth. The Bible is God's standard and instrument for assessing the life and eternal destiny of everyone. Since the Scriptures are true, they are "completely just." It follows that its truthfulness builds the multifaceted righteousness and justice of those who accept it.
Contrary to what  many teach today, there is no need for additional revelations, visions, words of prophecy and contributions from modern psychology. Contrary to human theories, God's Word is true and all-encompassing. Instead of looking for more than God's miraculous revelation, Christians only need  study and obey what they already have. Scripture is enough.


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