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Welcome on our site. Community  Christian  RECONCILIATION  is  local Protestant church in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, based  for the biblical model of the church,  as it is described in the New Testament.


We're glad you took a look here, and we hope you'll find at least some of the answers that are important to you  questions about life and faith, and lots of encouragement for further spiritual pilgrimage.  


Because it is good to know which church you are entering, even if it is a website entrance, the tabs will be helpful for you in determining this.  What we believe in  and  What do we teach  in the menu  "about the church". The first one presents what is usually referred to as the "profession of faith", that is, it lists the basic and unchanging foundations of the Christian faith. The second includes  a detailed overview of biblical truths with references to the text of the Holy Scriptures, organized by divisions of theology and  taught in our church.


A separate identifier of the church are doctrinal accents, also found in the menu about the church , i.e. short studies of selected issues  theological  such as: The Sufficiency of the Scriptures,  God's sovereignty in salvation, Church membership, biblical  elderly  and others that will be posted gradually.  


Regardless of important doctrinal issues, the RECONCILIATION Christian Community is a fellowship of people who, based on the primacy of love and the Word of God, worship the Triune God in spirit and in truth (John 4: 23-24). We cordially invite you to such a community.  


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