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The foundation of the church took place at an inaugural service that was held  On January 6, 2008 in Książenice.  It came after  nearly 10 years old  the functioning of the Bible and prayer study, meeting over the years in various locations. The church and  older Bibelgemeinde Berlin .   


Doctrinal foundations  and the teaching of Bibelgemeinde Berlin, identical to the doctrinal foundations and teaching of the Grace Community Church  lay at the root of the newly established church, which took the name "Protestant Christian Church".


In November 2012, the church joins the Christian Community RECONCILIATION based in Lublin and adopts its name. Two years later, the seat of the RECONCILIATION Christian Community was moved to Grodzisk Mazowiecki, and the Church's Statute was updated to reflect the changes and adjust it to the applicable law. 

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